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Do my exam reviews - Choose the best online test helper

  • Online exams can be daunting. Many students across the US and beyond have to combine their studies with work, family commitments, and student activities. As a result, it is challenging to make time to prepare for your midterms and finals.
  • If you are pressed for time or feel unprepared, online exam taking services can come to your rescue. A knowledgeable test taker can complete your online exam, test, quiz, essay, or a complete online class.
  • However, to be confident in a good result, you need to choose a reliable "take my online exam" company. We have reviewed popular test taking services below, paying attention to their features, services and pricing, to help you choose a reliable helper and avoid the complete scam.

TakeMyExam.org review - Online exam and online class help with guarantees

  • TakeMyExam.org
  • About the company

    Take My Exam is a popular service among students. The company takes all types of online exams, including timed online exams, take-home tests, quizzes, midterms, and finals, to name a few. They cover all disciplines and subject areas and guarantee A and B grades, which is important for students who care about their GPA.

    You can hire them for entire online classes as well, or order such assignments as homework, research papers, discussion boards, etc. This company has hundreds of tutors who can tackle nearly any order, even if you need a project done in less than 24 hours. The website works smoothly and is easy to use. You can get in touch using the contact form or a 24/7 live chat.

  • Prices

    This site has no fees advertised, as they calculate the cost of your online exam individually, based on the deadline and complexity. You need to send the details of your assignment to get a free quote.

    What's important, the price they'll tell you at the beginning is final, and they won't ask you to pay more money after the task is completed. Copy a discount code SAVE15 to get 15% off the first order.

  • Guarantees

    The company guarantees the timely completion of all tasks. If you have a timed exam, they will submit the exam answers before the deadline. Otherwise, you will get a refund. For essays and other writing assignments, there is a 100% plagiarism-free guarantee. Here, you also have a guarantee of a passing grade for your exam or test.

  • Conclusion

    TakeMyExam.org has a large team of experts who can take your online exam or test in any discipline. You can be confident that the tutor will complete your task on time, as the company has transparent guarantees. Plus, the support team on chat is very helpful and ready to explain the process in detail and answer your questions.

    Among the downsides is that there is no information about tutors on this website. Yet, in general, the company offers affordable prices, confidentiality, and strong satisfaction guarantees, so it surely deserves your attention.

PaySomeoneToDo.com review - Assistance with your online exams, quizzes, and classes

  • About the company

    Pay Someone To Do website promises to boost your grades at an affordable price. They help with "take my online test" requests in multiple subjects, including Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Biology, English, Physics, and more. The company has multiple positive reviews on the website, and they promise you an A or B on every assignment.

    They work with multiple learning platforms, such as MyMathLab, Blackboard, Canvas, and many more. The website isn't very informative about the process of cooperation and who their exam takers are. Customer support is available on the phone and non-stop live chat, however, the company's physical address is missing on the site.

  • Prices

    The company has student-friendly prices, with quizzes starting at $34, tests cost $84 and above, and the full classes for school and college are $420 and higher. Yet, these prices are not final, as you need to request a quote to find out the cost of your order. Multiple payment methods, such as PayPal and Zelle, are available.

    To find out if you can afford their services, you need to contact them and send the details of your assignment, or a course syllabus if you need help with your online class. No information about discounts is available on the site.

  • PaySomeoneToDo.com
  • Guarantees

    Grades A and B are guaranteed, which is also mentioned in their refund policy. Yet, refunds are not possible in some cases, so you might want to clarify the terms of the refund to make sure that you'll get your money back if something goes wrong.

    The company also claims that all specialists are US graduates who write papers from scratch and guarantee plagiarism-free work. They also promise that your private data remains confidential and they will not transfer it to third parties.

  • Conclusion

    PaySomeoneToDo.com offers help with your tests, quizzes, homework, and full online courses. They assist with many subjects, including STEM disciplines, and promise to get a top grade for you. Although they claim that their professionals are US graduates, there are no details about them on the site. Plus, the website gives no clue about the process and has no location indicated. All in all, this website promises to complete your exams, tests, and papers on time, so you can consider using them to ease your academic workload.

AceMyOnlineExam.com review - Expert help with your online classes and tests

  • AceMyOnlineExam.com
  • About the company

    Ace My Online Exam company makes a good first impression, as they claim they can complete your exam within the deadline and get the grade you want at an affordable price. They help with all types of quizzes and exams, including proctored exams. They also claim to have hundreds of experts, and some profiles of test takers are posted on the site.

    On their website, you can find a list of subjects they can help you with. Whether you need help with Biology, Engineering, Marketing, or even an MBA exam or class, they promise to complete it with a satisfaction guarantee. There are also customer five-star reviews praising the company. However, the company claims they have received thousands of reviews, but only five of them are available on the site.

  • Prices

    To know the quote, submit a request specifying your contact details, subject, and exam/class description. The company promises that they start working once they received your order and even before it is paid (which is probably too good to be true).

    There is no information about prices or discounts available except for a banner that states the prices are "affordable".

  • Guarantees

    The company guarantees the confidentiality of your login details and private information. When taking your tests, they use IP addresses within the US and Canada. They promise that they will get your desired grade, however, there are no Terms and conditions posted on their website.

    No refund policy is available either, so you might want to clarify their guarantees before placing an order. There is no live chat on the site, but you can contact them on WhatsApp.

  • Conclusion

    AceMyOnlineExam.com helps with multiple subjects and types of exams, including proctored tests. They promise you an A+ grade and state that they will deliver everything on time.

    On the flip side, the website has no information about guarantees and refunds, and what happens if you don't get an A or B. If you are busy with your studies, you can use this site, but be sure to clarify the guarantees before spending your money..

How to choose a legit test-taking company?

When choosing an online exam helper, find a company that can achieve a good grade for you while maintaining the safety of your personal information. Do not place an order with a random company you have just found online. Instead, take some time to compare prices and services, and read reviews.

  • Here's what you should pay attention to when selecting a company to take your exam:
  • ask if they are familiar with your type of exam. If the company has taken many MBA exams before, there's a good chance that they have qualified experts and know how to get you an A or B;
  • ask about the tutors' qualifications. It is best to find a company that has BA, MA and PhD specialists in your field of study;
  • check the payment options. Choose a company that accepts many payment options, for example, PayPal, credit cards, and e-transfer, as they probably have many customers worldwide;
  • check the company's location, as some agencies use a fake address or none at all;
  • most importantly, learn more about guarantees. Ask if the company issues refunds if they don't get a good grade for you or if the exam or assignment is not completed on time.
  • Using an online exam taking agency is an effective way to ease your life as a student and minimize your stress. Among the companies reviewed above, TakeMyExam.org is the most reliable option. The company has solid guarantees, and plagiarism-free writing, and with 350+ test takers aboard, you can surely find the right expert for your test or exam.