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Take my exam for me reviews

  • If you are pressed for time or feel unprepared for the upcoming test, hiring an online exam helper is your best bet. However, dealing with dishonest online exam helpers can cost you a grade and even lead to a failed course.
  • To help you choose a reliable tutor, we have reviewed the most popular online class and online exam help services. We have evaluated the pros and cons of agencies helping with online exams and other academic tasks to help you make an informed choice.

Why hire a tutor to take your online exams?

  • Students turn to "take my online exam" services when they want to get good grades without spending late nights reading and revising before the exam, or when they simply struggle to make time to study. Indeed, an experienced tutor can release your workload in college or university and help you achieve academic success. Here are some of the non-obvious benefits of hiring an expert to complete your future exams:
  • you save time and relieve yourself from stress - studying for an exam can be pretty time-consuming, especially if the subject is technical and includes formulas, calculations, or coding. Thus, if you hire a professional to complete your exam, you'll have time to rest and unwind;
  • you get better grades - in most cases, you have only one attempt to complete an online quiz or exam. If you do not want to risk your final grade, find an expert who can provide the best online exam help. By outsourcing the exam to a subject matter expert, you can get the highest grade with no effort;
  • you focus on the most important subjects - not all subjects that college students study are equally important, moreover, some are quite boring. If you do not like the discipline or a particular topic, simply hire an expert who can tackle this subject with ease;
  • you achieve balance in life - you can hire an online helper for one particular exam or outsource every online test to them. By letting an expert complete some academic tasks for you, you will make time for other priorities in life.
  • It is absolutely legit to turn to online exam helpers as, in fact, you pay for tuition services. However, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company that guarantees the timely completion of your online assignment.

TakeMyExam.org - Online exam takers with guaranteed results

  • TakeMyExam.org
  • About the company

    This company can take an online exam, test, or entire online classes on your behalf. They specialize in all types of tests, from academic tests and assignments to leadership style tests, cognitive ability tests, typing tests, and job placement exams.

    TakeMyExam.org has 300+ tutors on their team, so they can tackle tests in any academic subject, including complex and technical ones. This is a huge plus as many test-taking companies refuse to work on complex assignments that require calculations.

    The company gets an A or B for most students, so you can count on quality assistance from subject matter experts here. Any information about services and terms is available on their website. You can reach their support team 24/7 in the live chat, and they respond to all requests promptly.

  • Pricing and guarantees

    The website guarantees the confidentiality and safety of your data. Speaking of the prices, they calculate the cost of your order individually depending on the deadline, the complexity of the task, and your academic level.

    To get started, you need to send the details of the assignment (test topic, deadline, number and type of questions, and whether the exam involves essay writing or calculations). They will respond to you shortly with an estimate and a payment link. A discount code SAVE15 will activate a 15% discount, and bigger discounts are available for large orders.

    The company guarantees timely submission of every order, or money back. This guarantee is transparent and outlined on their website. Plus, they deliver plagiarism-free writing if you order an essay. For online exams, there is a guarantee of a passing grade.

  • Summary

    TakeMyExam.org has all the signs of a reliable agency. They offer online exam help and academic writing services in every college discipline as they have a large team of experts. They offer solid guarantees, including the guarantee of a timely completion of your test and a money back guarantee. Most of their customers get an A or B for previously completed tests, so this company is definitely worth trying.

PayForOnlineClasses.com - Homework, exam, and online class help

  • About the company

    The company names itself "a world-class exam help service" and assists students with a full range of academic assignments and online exams. In particular, they promise to help with tests, quizzes, and even zoom and proctored exams.

    According to their website, this company is familiar with multiple online learning systems and assists with multiple subjects, including business, law, algebra, engineering, and marketing. In addition to online exams, they are also ready to complete your homework or an essay.

    The company also boasts plenty of positive reviews (however, these reviews are difficult to verify). The website itself has a convenient design and a blog. You can reach them via online chat or a phone number.

  • Summary

    PayForOnlineClasses.com offers the help of a suitable expert in 157 college subjects. which is quite impressive. They offer generous discounts, and their terms of service and refunds are quite transparent. However, it is not clear what qualifications their tutors have and what happens if they don't get you a B grade. All in all, these services deserve trying at least once.

  • PayForOnlineClasses.com
  • Pricing and guarantees

    Prices are not advertised on the website. To find out how much you need to pay for an online test, sign up and upload the details of your assignment. They also ask you to provide a phone number. Speaking of discounts, their website promises a 30% discount, but it is not clear if it is available for all orders.

    This company keeps your information private and does not share it with anyone. Refunds are available if the paper quality is below your expectations and they failed to improve it, or in the case of a late delivery.

    The main page promises "guaranteed results", meaning that they will get you at least a B for your assignment. However, it is not clear what happens if they fail to get this grade for your online exam or project. You might want to clarify this before placing your order.

MyAssignmentHelp.com - Take my online exam and online classes assistance

  • MyAssignmentHelp.com
  • About the company

    If you are a student struggling to prepare for statistics, supply chain, nursing, or another online exam, these guys can help. This agency covers multiple academic disciplines, including STEM subjects. They claim to have 5,000+ PhD experts (which seems far-fetched), and promise top quality at the best price.

    The types of exams their experts cover include microeconomic exams, open textbook exams, midterm and final exams, MCQ exams and consumer behavior exams. They also have profiles of tutors with pictures and degrees listed.

    The website is very informative and has details about their services, experts, topics covered, and guarantees. They also have some free tools for those students who write papers on their own, such as paraphrasing, grammar checking, and referencing tools.

  • Pricing and guarantees

    Like with most such agencies, prices are not available upfront. They ask you to sign up, upload the details of the assignment and list the deadline to know the price. A $20 signup bonus is available for new customers. You can pay for your order in two equal installments.

    They cater to the academic needs of students at all academic levels, and, according to their website, your confidentiality is guaranteed. This agency also promises a good grade for your online test - B or higher. However, according to their refund policy, they do not issue refunds in case if you score a lower grade.

    Refunds are available if the tutor was not assigned yet, or when the assignment did not meet your expectations. In either case, it is best to clarify in which cases you can ask for a refund beforehand.

  • Summary

    MyAssignmentHelp.com agency is experienced with multiple academic subjects and assignment types. They have many academic experts, and the profiles of tutors are available on their website. You can contact them for online exam help via WhatsApp or live chat. Speaking of the downsides, they promise at least a B for your exam, but they do not issue refunds in the case of a poor grade.

AllAssignmentHelp.com - Expert "take my online exam" services

  • About the company

    From the first lines, the website of this company boasts that 98% of their orders are completed on time and the majority of clients get better grades. They offer online exam help, specializing in last-minute assignments which they can complete as they have a large pool of experts.

    The company specializes not only in online tests and quizzes, but in academic papers as well. You can cooperate with them in different ways. For example, the tutor can log in to the course platform and complete the task on your behalf. Or, you can send the questions to the tutor via WhatsApp so you could enter the answers on your own.

    This website guarantees the timely completion of each project. Moreover, you can preview the order before releasing the final pay so that you can evaluate the quality of work performed by the writer. Samples of work are also available on the site.

  • Pricing and guarantees

    If you are too tired for learning lesson on your own, this website promises to complete your assignment at an affordable price. According to their site, a one-hour exam will cost you $80-$150. To get the exact quote for exam help, you need to provide the details of the upcoming exam on chat or complete an order form.

    The site has lots of positive reviews and promises full refunds in case of any issues or if they fail your test. They use a local IP address for completing your test so that no red flag appears in your university. Like many similar companies, they promise a B or a refund. However, when it comes to revisions, this company only allows one round of revision which might not be enough in some situations.

  • AllAssignmentHelp.com
  • Summary

    AllAssignmentHelp company helps with urgent online tests - in some cases, they can work on an urgent assignment that is due within 6-8 hours. Plus, the prices are not very high. On the flip side, they offer only one revision and the terms of refunds are not clearly outlined. You can contact this company with "take my online exam" request, but make sure to clarify the writer's qualifications first.

    Many of the above-mentioned companies offer quick and reliable help with your tests and assignments. However, we would definitely recommend TakeMyExam.org as they have transparent guarantees, subject matter experts in 70+ disciplines, and deliver each project on time. Plus, they do not have fake reviews posted on the site and respond to all messages promptly.