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Have a final exam or test due soon? Outsource the toughest tests and assigned to our experienced tutors. Let us help you succeed in class!

  • - Passing grade is guaranteed
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Pay someone to take my online test for me - why is it worth the investment?

If you are overwhelmed with studies, have no time or energy to properly prepare for an online class or exam, you are welcome to use the services of our test takers. High school, undergraduate and postgraduate students come to us every day with such requests as "take my online class for me" or "take my test on macroeconomics". And our company has enough experts in different academic discipline to fulfil each of those requests and help every student with passing their test.

Our "take my online test" is absolutely reliable and secure. A tutor who specializes in your subject will take your online exam or online test. Provide us with sufficient information, including course reading (textbooks, articles, research papers), sample tests and other materials, the link to online test and your login credentials. As most schools and institutions have moved their courses online, you have an unprecedented opportunity to hire an expert to take your online test. You can also order an entire online class with the same writer, and save up to 50%!

What grade do we guarantee for the assignment?

We will assign your test to expert tutors whose degree and credentials match the topic of your exam best. Therefore, each test is taken by a competent professional who carefully reviews test instruction, studies the material you've attached, and then takes your online test. Since our experts have no control over the exam grading process, we cannot promise an A or A+. However, due to thorough preparation, most of our test writers earn A and B for online tests.

How to maximize your chance for an A grade? Provide your test helper with all online course materials, including course reading, grading rubric, previous test samples, and more. Place your order in advance so that your test taker could have more time to prepare for tests or quizzes thoroughly. We also recommend that you hire an expert to take your online class. In this case, the writer gets access to all resources and familiarizes themselves with the subject. As a result, they get higher grades both for online tests throughout the course and for final exam.

The benefits provided by "take my online test" team

  • Original writing. For all assignments and online classes that involve essay writing, we guarantee custom writing from scratch. Plagiarism is excluded, and we will attach a free report to prove that.
  • Timely delivery. Most of online tests are timed, and we guarantee timely completion even for urgent test. If your online test or quiz is due tomorrow, don't worry! We'll find an expert to handle this task or give your money back.
  • Writers with college degrees. Our team members are professionals in certain academic subjects and industries. So, when you contact us with "I want to pay someone to take my online test" request, we match you with an educated expert, not a freelancer.
  • Customer support 24/7. Support team is available round the clock as we serve students globally. You can expect instant communication in minutes and timely resolution of any issues, as well as a free consultation and a quote.
  • Unlimited revisions. We offer 2 weeks of free revisions for all essay and research paper assignments. That is, the writer keeps improving the finished paper until it satisfies your requirements.
  • Direct communication. Talk to your test taker directly, anytime. Our experts typically reply within 20 miniutes. If your writer isn't online at the moment, you'll receive a prompt response from a support representative.

What does "take my online exam" service include?

  • - We assign the subject matter expert on your online exam. For example, if you're a Master's student in Psychology, we have PhD experts who can complete your class or exam at the needed level of quality.
  • - The writer reviews all attached material before they take your online exam. We encourage you to provide as many course materials as possible, including course reading, exam requirements, test samples, or instructor's comments.
  • - You need to pass the login credentials to us and specify if the writer should use a local IP address. These steps are needed to show your institution that it's you passing the test.
  • - Our test takers log in to the platform at the requested time and take your exam or quiz. We guarantee no cheating - the writer relies on their knowledge. If necessary, we can take a screenshot of the writer's answer, but you need to specify that in advance.
  • - You know the fee for online exam or quiz in advance. We charge one fee for taking the test, and you don't need to pay extra for time our experts spent on exam preparation. You see a transparent fee upfront, so any surprises are excluded.
  • - We guarantee a passing grade on online exam in any subject. We cannot promise you grade A because not everything depends on our experts knowledge. Yet, the majority of our customers report receiving A grade or B grade.

How does it work?

When students contact us with "Take my online exam" request, they want to know what to expect from our service. So, here's how cooperation with our experts and tutors looks like:

  • - Sign up for and attach the instructions for exams and class help.
  • - Pay using any credit card. We let you know the price upfront and don't apply hidden fees. Our staff can calculate your final price via chat.
  • - We assign a test taker who is an expert in your field of study and they start preparing for an upcoming test.
  • - Writer logs in for the platform and take your online exam on your behalf. That's it! We would be glad if you leave feedback and inform us about the grades you received.

What academic subjects can we help you with?

Every day, we receive hundreds of requests for taking an online test, writing a research paper, or homework help. As we have 400+ experts in our team, we can assist with online classes for every discipline including:

  • - Finance
  • - Accounting
  • - Management
  • - Art History
  • - Environmental Engineering
  • - Computer Science
  • - Molecular Biology
  • - Chemistry
  • - Political Science
  • - Philosophy

Hire our reliable and competent test takers for tests or exams

100% confidentiality

Any information you share with us, including payment detail, is securely stored on our servers and protected from data leaks. The fact of your cooperation with our experts remain in secret, and your personal details aren’t visible even to writer! Moreover, our writers sign a non-disclosure agreement, so you can be confident in our high work ethic.

Fair prices lets you know prices for every type of class test upfront. You can calculate final price for the assignment, or chat assistance team can tell you the price before you place an order. Our prices are transparent and final, no hidden fees! You should stay away from companies that offer suspiciously low fees for exam taking. In most cases, this means that the work is done by non-qualified freelancers, and you put the final grade at risk.

Our company charges fair prices balancing between student needs and appropriate compensation for our experts. It's absolutely legit to use "take my exam" services as long as you deal with a reliable service provider. We guarantee every customer a passing grade and a refund in case of non-delivery of any assignment, therefore, it's legal to entrust your tasks to a professional.

Test takers with college degrees

Before dealing with any online company, you should wonder about the qualifications of experts they work with. In this regard, we always keep our promises to customers as every member of our team has a college degree and extensive experience with academic assignments. Our writers are former college tutors, instructors, and academic writers specializing in a certain industry.

We carefully select every applicant and only accept those who prove their fluency in English and provide sample papers of a high quality. Therefore, we always meet the expectations of students who rely on us, doing our best on every assignment type.

What types of exams do we provide assistance with?

Students typically find us when they Google "pay someone to take my online exam". We assist with all types of exams you may need to pass during the online class. Whether your exams or quizzes include multiple choice questions, true/false statements, calculations, or essay writing, we're on it with a guarantee of good grades. You may notice that the prices vary for different subjects. This happens because such subjects as Chemistry, Biology or Finance require calculations and more narrow knowlege.

Our experts, however, are not in a position to help you with an in-person or proctored exams. These types of exams require your personal presense, therefore, any companies offering such exam help should not be trusted.

Get help with an entire online class

College students get lots of other assignments apart from online tests and quizzes. Do you feel overwhelmed with homework and countless papers? Our company provides assistance with absolutely type of work including:

  • - Complex research papers. Term papers, coursework and thesis are time-consuming as they require significant knowledge and effort. Our professionals can compose an original, properly referenced paper of any complexity.
  • - Creative assignments and essays. Need a piece of creative writing, a PowerPoint presentation or other project that requires imagination and creative approach? Let our services handle this task for you.
  • - Entire online classes. Order the "take my online class", and one of our writers will take care of every assignment and final exams. This approach gives you every chance to get an A for the course as the writer has access to all materials and understands the requirements posed by your tutor. Moreover, paying for an entire class allows you to save up to 50%.

Most US colleges will continue using online courses as part of their curriculum. As a student, you can see it not as a problem but as an opportunity and hire a competent writer to score higher for the course. Our company has helped thousands of students and we are only waiting for your request to start working! Contact us immediately to get a 20% off your first order.